16th Annual UIM Photo Competition
A strong entry across all categories once again made judging a challenge with each image being judged on creativity, technical quality, composition, subject matter and overall impact. As entrants become more familiar with their digital equipment, so the standard of entries increases.
For me, the biggest surprise was the strength of entries overall and particularly in the Aquabike section which demonstrates that the accessibility and excitement of this particularly spectacular UIM competition brings out the best in the photographers. This truly is an exciting and photogenic sport to enjoy and I hope that more photographers will take advantage of its accessibility and make some great images to enter in our 2014 season competition.

New names were prevalent across the board with many new photographers submitting quality entries alongside the ‘Old Guard’ and what I personally found very refreshing was the quality of ‘atmospheric’ entries. Many images show the boats close up but to place a boat in its environment while maintaining a good, clean and uncluttered composition takes things to a different level. This does not mean that we are only looking for this picture style so keep sending the ‘full frame’ entries !

Finally, for all participants in the 2013 season UIM Photo Competition, well done to the winners, and for those who were not successful this year, keep taking the shots, keep watching and learning from those professionals who have to be good as their livelihood depends on them producing great images time after time, but most of all, keep enjoying UIM competition and we look forward to seeing your entries next year

James Wright
Judging Panel Chairman

Union Internationale MotoNautique
Press Office

Photo 01)
Photographer: Heinrich Sauer (RSA)

Photo 02)
Photographer: Paul Lakatos (THA)